I make time for your dog, one collar at a time, time after time ... and time again. Clazi -2013

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Instant Watch Dog

Just Add 1 Heaping DOG And Stir.

Buy This Clazi Tuxedo Watchdog Collar for Your Poor Lil' Rich Dog

Watch Dog Collar
Watch Dog Collar


Black and white hand made leather collar with watch for dog.

Xlarge size - 22"-27"

2" wide

2" brilliant bling watch face

Heavy duty hardware

Dog Collar Watch
Watch Dog Collar


Beautiful shimmering similated diamond look in a fabric overlay. 

Red webbing with silver metallic overlay handmade dog collar with a watch for dog.

Small size - 12" - 14" 

5/8" wide collar

This Red Bling Watch Dog Collar™

Find out what the next Watch Dog Collar, hand crafted in the U.S.A will be.

See Dread Bizorr story for history of the Cane Corso limo drivin' dog named Dread Bizorr on dogsdog.net...a real "Dog's Dog" and the same Cane Corso that inspired my tuxn' style of dog collar with a watch attached. 

Custom made designer watch dog collars coming soon for Chiweenie and chihuahua puppies and adults; for the BIG and the small of it.

Leave a comment to get informed only when new designs are finished. Calls and emails are welcome if you want to be first to see my newest "Watch Dog Collar" style before release for sale on this page. 

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